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Video is the Most Popular Media Online


Want to get your business spotted by a larger audience that is going to share your content with others?


You need video!

Want to sell more products or services? Want to keep your customers happy?

The use of video can actually improve the buyer’s journey in a way that not only will attract more prospective buyers to your brand but that will also nurture the prospective buyers that you’ve already reached and increase their likelihood of making a purchase. 

Video is like the superpower of marketing for small businesses.

It has the ability to boost conversions, drive traffic and sales, draw out consumer trust and connect brands with audiences far and wide. But these are not the only reasons.

Video is the most powerful way to showcase your business online. In fact, YouTube alone generates billions of views each day to videos that are produced by large and small businesses, including both mom and pops and huge brands.

If you want to stand out against your competitors, and you want to meet customers where they’re spending their time, then consider this huge reasons why your business needs video. Plus, more than 80% of search traffic is made up of video, so if you’re not hitting the target and delivering quality videos for your prospects, you’re missing the mark!

video stats

Experts know that a digital video strategy is the only real media marketing option — anything less or lacking a clear video strategy, is not likely to drive success for the business or brand.


 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television. (according to Google) •


• 88% of marketers claim that video marketing provides a positive ROI. (according to SmartInsights)


• More than 80% of all internet traffic will be made up of video as of 2022. This is 15 times higher than the figure from 2017. (according to Cisco)

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